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Hi everyone! Hopefully you’re finding what you’re looking for here. It’s our goal, above anything else, to make people feel welcome, warm, and happy. Cozy Hearth Yarn Works hand-makes yarn crafts that are just right for you. Knitting was the original soul and inspiration of CHYW, but we’ve branched out into pattern design and hand-dyed yarn. We’ve made custom commissions since the fall of 2015, and we opened our store some time after. We started selling yarn in the fall of 2019!


We sell yarn in two different forms – dyed-to-order designed & themed colorways, and ready-to-ship discounted skeins. Select a menu option under “Shop Yarn” to learn more.

We offer three different ways to order knits: ready-to-ship, made to order, and custom commissions. Our ready-to-ship items can be ordered straight from our shop, mailed within three days, and at your door right away. Made-to-order listings offer you options for color, fiber, sizing, and other details, and we knit the order exactly to your specifications before delivery. Custom commissions – our very favorite – combine our expertise with your desires to create the perfect cozy knit, whether that’s recreating a beloved favorite sweater or designing your dream shawl from scratch.

No matter what kind of order you place with us, we pride ourselves on staying in touch throughout the order process, clearing up questions, sending you updates, and even taking some progress photos along the way.


We live in Indiana – the two knit sisters together with Kit’s wife and two shop cats. We’d knitted for some time before we decided that we loved making things so much that we had to share this love with others… and since our friends and family are already almost buried in fluffy knitwear, we turned outward to you! We both adore the process of figuring out the perfect finished project, from choosing the right design to finding the ideal fiber, and more than that, we love including the recipients of our knitting in that process. We find a lot of inspiration for our knits in the fiction that we love (we’re both avid readers), and in the vibrant community of friends, family, and fellow fiber artists both in our home state and online.

Take a spin through our shop for some pre-engineered designs, or take a look at our blog posts for examples of some of our more complex commission work, more knitting stories, and more photography. We’re always happy to take questions, and in the meantime, have a cozy day!


Kit – born in 1989, homemaker and hearthkeeper, cat parent to Fiyero. Loves reading, music, coffee, lace, and interestingly textured yarns. Designer, of patterns and colorways. Runs all social media outlets for CHYW – if you’re talking to someone, it’s probably me!

Em – born in 1991, baker and gardener, cat parent to Isaac. Loves podcasts, books, coffee, cabling, and high-definition yarns. Shipping and logistics expert. Keeps everything CHYW excellently organized – a behind-the-scenes wizard who keeps us running!