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Woops! Discount Yarn

Woops! Either someone read a dye recipe wrong, some variable changed the dye pot chemistry unexpectedly, or it's just one of the near-misses and oddball skeins that are an unavoidable part of the colorway development process. Use for one-skein knit or crochet projects, for small color areas of weaving, for felting, or for yarn needlepoint!

Skeins for your order will be chosen randomly from this selection, and will arrive in "lab condition" - roughly skeined, with acrylic dyeing ties still attached, possibly with an experimental notes tag. These skeins of yarn are already dyed, and will be shipped within two days of purchase. No guarantees that we'll be able to match or repeat these skeins in the future. 

Each skein: worsted weight, 100g/220yd, hand wash & dry flat

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