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Q&A - Our New Yarn Line!

WAIT, YOU SELL YARN? I THOUGHT YOU JUST SOLD FINISHED KNITS! We’ve only sold finished knit items until now. Both of us have known for a long time (since we were first brainstorming this business!) that we would likely want to grow both our crafts and our offerings, so here we are – we’re going to start offering hand-dyed yarn. WHEN? You will be able to buy yarn from us starting on Friday, September 20th at noon EST. There will be a new menu bar option on this website titled “Shop Yarn,” with a selection of pages for you to browse. You should also be able to purchase yarn through our Facebook shop and its associated Messenger account, although due to Facebook policies and...

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Hearthside Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

For my entire knitting career, I’ve been pursuing the “perfect hat” – and while I have never recreated that one gift hat, I have found something else. Here, with full detail, is my personal perfect vanilla hat (that is, a basic, plain pattern), complete with all the little details that make it perfect for me. I use a combination of a specific cast-on, needle combination, and ratio of stitches between the ribbing and the hat to make an incredibly stretchy high-memory brim. On top of that (literally!) I follow a specific decrease rhythm for a well-shaped crown, and alter the needles and rhythm at the very end for a dense, fully closed top. I also include recommendations about places YOU can...

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FO Friday: Dawnwings

Hello, friends and family! It’s a beautiful Friday for some beautiful knitting, isn’t it? Dawnwings is knit from the “Wings of Peace” pattern by Renate Haeckler. It uses nearly 700 yards of silk/merino blend DK yarn, knit on US size 9 needles. It took me some time, stealing bits of knitting here and there in a busy year of commissions, gifts, and other projects, but I have finally finished my Dawnwings (companion to the Duskwings I completed for my wife last year.) This was one of the first patterns I fell in love with in my early weeks browsing Ravelry, and I knew I’d need one of my very own someday. Now, I have wings of my own! The silk blended into the yarn...

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Test of Time: Simple Shawl

I completed the knitting on what would become the primary photo sample for our Simple Shawl design in March of 2016, and it became one of the first listings on our storefront not too long after. Since one of the best features of hand-knit items, in my opinion, is that they’re designed to last, I thought I’d take some time today to review just how well that sample Simple Shawl has held up to regular use over the past two years. My very own Simple Shawl, two years old and still just what I wanted. Looking at it now, I can see more tiny details I’d fix or change in this particular piece – details I have updated in the design we...

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(Finally) Finished Object: Liara-Rose

Long-awaited, much anticipated… mostly just for me, but with the slowed pace of store work after the turn of the year, I was at last able to turn my attention to a “selfish knitting” project I’d set aside in favor of pattern design, festival booths, and the holiday rush – my Liara-Rose shawl. For all that this was the first circular shawl I’d ever cast on, it’s not the first I’ve finished – just the first finished circular shawl I get to keep for myself. The Liara-Rose is a circular lace “pi shawl,” knitted in 100% superfine alpaca fingering yarn, with a beaded knitted-on lace border. At one point late in the pattern, back when I still thought I’d finish this in time to...

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