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Why Dathanna?

We quite probably could have started with a simpler set of colorways upon launching our yarn line. I’ve certainly dyed simpler things! But this idea latched onto my brain quite early in the process, and I had to see it through.

Our Dathanna colorway series is my attempt at translating my understanding of the Irish words for colors via the medium of dye, rather than the medium of English language. As may be apparent from the yarn listings themselves, there isn’t a direct, one-to-one correlation between, say, “green” and “uaine.” One of my favorite things about my stumbling attempts to learn Irish (and my mostly-forgotten efforts at other languages in school) is the process of trying to understand the world from a completely different perspective. I’ve also always been fascinated by light and color in general. In the past, this expressed itself through experiments with visual arts and a lifelong love of photography. Now, it also expresses itself through dyeing.


Experiencing, witnessing, capturing, and sharing beauty has always had a near-spiritual importance to me. As hard of a road as I chose to climb to get here, I’m still grateful. I’ve learned a lot about Irish (at least, the color words!) from some excellent sources, including Audrey Nickel at Bitesize Irish, Isolde ÓBrolcháin Carmody at Story Archeology, and from Gréagóir at I’ve learned a lot about dye work from too many people to count! And I’ve learned a lot about what I’m capable of doing and learning from this whole process. I wouldn’t have made it without the endless love, support, and curiosity of my wife K. Cozy Hearth Yarn Works wouldn’t work without Em: sister, friend, and business partner. (Thank you for your patience and trust during my wild flights of design fancy!).

And, of course, we wouldn’t be here without you <3 So thank you, from the bottom of our fuzzy little hearts.

You can shop our Dathanna colorways here.