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Test of Time: Simple Shawl

I completed the knitting on what would become the primary photo sample for our Simple Shawl design in March of 2016, and it became one of the first listings on our storefront not too long after. Since one of the best features of hand-knit items, in my opinion, is that they’re designed to last, I thought I’d take some time today to review just how well that sample Simple Shawl has held up to regular use over the past two years.

My very own Simple Shawl, two years old and still just what I wanted.

Looking at it now, I can see more tiny details I’d fix or change in this particular piece – details I have updated in the design we sell now. But the basic structure of the shawl has never changed, and I’ve continued to use the same yarn (a loosely-spun acrylic) even as my fiber tastes have matured. It’s a choice that has paid off – I was concerned that the fluffy texture wouldn’t hold up well, but after much wearing (and a few trips through the washing machine!), this sample is still squishy and soft. The surface texture has changed slightly – weathered, almost gaining stitch definition as the yarn’s halo gently compacts – but retains its rustic charm.

A close-up of the shawl’s stitches. The yarn remains in good condition, with wispy flyaway bits of fiber continuing to add softness and warmth against the skin.

I have no plans to change the yarn I use for this design after seeing how well it’s held up. I want to expand my offerings of more simple, rustic designs like this to include natural fibers, but having an inexpensive and incredibly durable option like this available makes sense to me. I still love this shawl. I want other people to get to love their own versions of this shawl, too.

Wrapped with the point in front like I have here, draped over my shoulders, tucked over my lap… it keeps me warm, in body and in heart <3

It’s good to see my beginner efforts standing the test of time. We’re discussing some possible changes here at Cozy Hearth Yarn Works that we’ll hopefully be able to share with you soon, but one thing’s for sure – the Simple Shawl is here to stay.