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Financial Accessibility & Sticking Together

Hello, fiber friends. From the bottoms of our hearts, we hope you’re all doing well, but we also know that’s a really big ask right now. We’re safe at home, well stocked, and our state is under a stay-at-home order. We’re also incredibly lucky that our household’s primary income is stable, as we have so many friends and loved ones who’ve suffered sudden and severe economic hardship due to necessary social distancing and quarantine measures. The fiber community has been hit hard, with major festivals and other in-person events cancelled. For many fiber artists, their business is in fact their primary income. Large events can comprise a major part of an artist’s income for a year. If you, too, are lucky enough...

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Why Dathanna?

We quite probably could have started with a simpler set of colorways upon launching our yarn line. I’ve certainly dyed simpler things! But this idea latched onto my brain quite early in the process, and I had to see it through. Our Dathanna colorway series is my attempt at translating my understanding of the Irish words for colors via the medium of dye, rather than the medium of English language. As may be apparent from the yarn listings themselves, there isn’t a direct, one-to-one correlation between, say, “green” and “uaine.” One of my favorite things about my stumbling attempts to learn Irish (and my mostly-forgotten efforts at other languages in school) is the process of trying to understand the world from a completely different...

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Yarn Care, Bleeding, and Dye Science

As promised, I’ve got quite a bit more to elaborate on this topic! Dye bleeding can be a problem with commercial or hand-dyed yarns, but don’t be afraid – it’s a dyer’s responsibility to absolutely minimize dye problems, and it’s easy to check for in your yarns. WHAT’S HAPPENING WHEN DYE BLEEDS? Well, it could be a number of things. Part of our process is rinsing off excess dye, but we’re only human, and sometimes some dye slips through. If your yarn is bleeding a little but not changing color, it’s just extra dye molecules washing off the surface. This is most common with highly saturated yarns, since a strand of yarn can only hold so much dye! In addition,...

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Q&A - Our New Yarn Line!

WAIT, YOU SELL YARN? I THOUGHT YOU JUST SOLD FINISHED KNITS! We’ve only sold finished knit items until now. Both of us have known for a long time (since we were first brainstorming this business!) that we would likely want to grow both our crafts and our offerings, so here we are – we’re going to start offering hand-dyed yarn. WHEN? You will be able to buy yarn from us starting on Friday, September 20th at noon EST. There will be a new menu bar option on this website titled “Shop Yarn,” with a selection of pages for you to browse. You should also be able to purchase yarn through our Facebook shop and its associated Messenger account, although due to Facebook policies and...

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