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Pattern Design: Mori Lace Gloves

That’s right, bumblebees and chickadees, I’ve worked out my first pattern design! (I should say, the first design that’s complete and I’m willing to let see the light of day… there’s a few failed monstrosities of pattern drafts stuffed into trash bins around here, and I wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a giant lace shawl pattern in the works in the background.) These gloves are inspired by construction details from several different fingerless mitts, but the lace charts for the back of the hands are originally the property of Ana at knit-nana, repurposed from her inimitable Mirno shawl design with her gracious permission. (Thanks Ana!) My hand-copied draft chart, and an early prototype knit. The lace comes out quite differently at the...

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WIP Wednesday: Liara-Rose

I said I’d be back to talk about my continuing lace adventures and here I am, with yet another complex lace shawl in my lap. I’ve talked before in multiple posts about how much I love lace, and it holds true; as I expand my knitting into a profession instead of just a hobby, it’s even more important to me to have one or three “selfish knitting” projects aside that I do just for my own pleasure… and the most pleasurable thing for me to knit, at least at this stage in my life, is shawl-sized sprawls of lace. Plushy comfort knitting is one thing (like the bit you can see on my hands) but delicate lace is its own...

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Finished: Duskwings

So it’s not a Friday, but I couldn’t wait any longer: I needed to talk about my pride and joy, my graduation-to-next-level-lace-knitting, my biggest knitting triumph of the year so far. I finally, after one week shy of a year, finished the Duskwings shawl, just in time to gift it to my wife for our legal-wedding anniversary. This exceedingly mild spring is perfect for layering a worsted-weight shawl like this over light, cute tops that have been languishing in drawers all winter. I ended up using all but the tiniest leftover bit of the 630 yards of yarn I’d bought, and I literally knitted one of the tips I picked up just for this shawl nearly into pieces. I also had quite the adventure...

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WIP Wednesday: Duskwings

Today I’m sharing with you one of my longest-running current projects, biggest headaches, and greatest sources of pride – my six-month-and-counting journey of knitting Renate Haeckler‘s Anna Baltzer Wings of Peace shawl pattern. Have you ever looked at the plans for a project, thought “yeah I could do that,” and found yourself regretting that sentiment once you’re fingers-deep in the work? That is exactly what happened to me with this pattern. I promised my wife I would knit her a shawl. I showed her all the shawl patterns I’d already saved in my Ravelry library. And, based on looking at the photographs of finished objects, she picked this one – and I, not yet aware of how deeply misleading Ravelry’s crowdsourced “difficulty ratings”...

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FO Friday: Tiny Bags Project Update

Hey everyone! I’m here with an update on that project I mentioned back in my very first post. This Friday, I have two finished objects to show off: one small lace bag, and my very first attempt at using cabling techniques. Both of these projects were knitted off designs by Sophia White, from her Knitting Under the Greenwood Tree series. I was first drawn to the designs because I am, in fact, a giant nerd, and knitting patterns named after characters from J.R. R. Tolkien’s works fills me with fantastical glee. So far, I’ve knitted up the Arwen and Samwise patterns, and I’ll keep going through the list as I have time and inclination for tiny fiddly projects. The Arwen bag is the first one I finished. I chose a...

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