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Available Now: Treegarth Shawl (Free Pattern)

Hello again, fiber friends! This has been a project years in the making, but it’s finally complete – the fully realized version of my Treegarth Shawl is now available for download. We’d really love to see you give it a heart on Ravelry, but even more we’d love to see you knit it. If you decide to embark on this lace adventure, please share your progress shots & finished shawls! You can do this either by linking the project on Ravelry or by using #treegarthshawl and #cozyhearthyarnworks. You are also welcome to tag our accounts directly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Come hang out with us on social media! This shawl has been a labor of love for years. If you’re...

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Why Dathanna?

We quite probably could have started with a simpler set of colorways upon launching our yarn line. I’ve certainly dyed simpler things! But this idea latched onto my brain quite early in the process, and I had to see it through. Our Dathanna colorway series is my attempt at translating my understanding of the Irish words for colors via the medium of dye, rather than the medium of English language. As may be apparent from the yarn listings themselves, there isn’t a direct, one-to-one correlation between, say, “green” and “uaine.” One of my favorite things about my stumbling attempts to learn Irish (and my mostly-forgotten efforts at other languages in school) is the process of trying to understand the world from a completely different...

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Finished Object: Cailleach Shawl

Happy Halloween! Just in time for the spooky season, a project that has engaged most of the household for the entire summer is finished – the Cailleach Shawl. This stunning, witchy, wooly garment is knit in Cozy Hearth Yarn Works hand-dyed Rustic Worsted yarn (Dubh as the primary colorway, with a one-of-a-kind skein providing the accent edging). I dyed up the yarn early in my development work for our Dathanna series, my wife Kai and I worked on the pattern design together, and she knit the entire finished object! While Kai primarily works with Cozy Hearth Yarn Works as a fan, supporter, and frequent knitwear model, she has been working on improving her own knitting skills, and this shawl shows that improvement magnificently....

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Hearthside Hat - Free Knitting Pattern

For my entire knitting career, I’ve been pursuing the “perfect hat” – and while I have never recreated that one gift hat, I have found something else. Here, with full detail, is my personal perfect vanilla hat (that is, a basic, plain pattern), complete with all the little details that make it perfect for me. I use a combination of a specific cast-on, needle combination, and ratio of stitches between the ribbing and the hat to make an incredibly stretchy high-memory brim. On top of that (literally!) I follow a specific decrease rhythm for a well-shaped crown, and alter the needles and rhythm at the very end for a dense, fully closed top. I also include recommendations about places YOU can...

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Test of Time: Simple Shawl

I completed the knitting on what would become the primary photo sample for our Simple Shawl design in March of 2016, and it became one of the first listings on our storefront not too long after. Since one of the best features of hand-knit items, in my opinion, is that they’re designed to last, I thought I’d take some time today to review just how well that sample Simple Shawl has held up to regular use over the past two years. My very own Simple Shawl, two years old and still just what I wanted. Looking at it now, I can see more tiny details I’d fix or change in this particular piece – details I have updated in the design we...

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