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FO Friday: Woolike Resonators

Don’t you love the joy of finishing a project? I certainly do! This week, the finished object I’m celebrating is a (belated) gift for my (very patient) sister-in-law, Kaitlyn. Her office can be a bit chilly, but wearing winter gloves at her desk was too much. A pair of low-profile fingerless mitts were a perfect fit. Searching Ravelry led me to Cynthia Levy’s Resonator pattern in all its intricately cabled glory. I had never done cabling in a fingering-weight gauge before. Fortunately, the entire pattern is charted quite clearly, so I decided to go for it. I am so glad I did. Any wool soft enough to wear on the wrists for a full shift at work was too much to risk...

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Backwards Engineering and the Perfect Hat

Way back in time, before I’d begun my own knitting journey, my sister knitted me a hat. The hat is so fuzzy it bends reality to be soft and fuzzy around it!  It was, and is, the perfect hat. Just slouchy enough to hold all of my hair, super cozy, chunky yarn, hugs my head just enough but not too tight, and manages to look fantastic with just about anything. So of course, once I started knitting, I wanted to make one. When I told Em this, I got quite a bit of a confused look. Apparently, this gift hat was finished in a burst of inspiration, sleep deprivation, and absolutely no pattern. Thus, my great journey into trying to...

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WIP Wednesday: Frog Pond Melody

This project has been quite some time in the making! I bought the yarn back in early March – a St. Patrick’s Day sale on green yarns timed with a bit of extra spending money encouraged me to impulsively throw a single skein of the first fingering-weight yarn I’ve bought for myself into the cart along with the workhorse worsted weight I was buying for other projects. It looked so pretty, and I’d only just started my love affair with lace. Buying the yarn, of course, led to a long search for the perfect pattern to knit it with, which eventually led me to the designer Nim Teasdale, found here on Ravelry and here on WordPress. She makes some truly amazing adjustable shawls, and I’ve been...

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Scraps of Lace

Hello all! Lately, I’ve been making it a project to try out patterns for several different kinds of small lace bags. Part of this is filling a need, as we are a household that has several different card decks and dice sets and the like that need more appropriately-sized or more durable places to live. Part of this is also an opportunity to do some stash-busting on all those little partial balls of worsted weight yarn we have overflowing three of our six stash bins. A lot of my reasoning, though, comes down to the fact that I really just love knitting lace. It’s not the sub-craft of knitting I’d originally thought I’d be most into! I was sure I’d be leveling...

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