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How Time Flies (and Also Needles)

How long did it take from the time you learned how to knit to finish your first project? Well, since Em talked me into making just a simple bracelet, it only took me a few hours from casting on to bind off and seam the simple strip of garter-stitch fabric. I also experimented with a couple of mug cozies and headbands of rather similar design (strips of varying ribbed fabrics, held together around a mug with simple threaded ribbon ties or seamed with basic sewing skills) before I embarked on what I’d call my first real project. I feel like doing a bunch of small projects first definitely helped me gain confidence in the basics; if I’d jumped straight to a...

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Learning Never Ends

Today’s question, How did you learn how to knit?, was addressed in an earlier post on the blog. However, I was telling more of an ‘origin story’ at that point: it’s not very helpful for anyone who wants to learn to knit themselves. I’m lucky enough that I live with someone who learned to knit before me! Having someone on hand to teach is extremely valuable in many ways – not only do you have a model there to watch you and help correct mistakes, but an in-person teacher can help you with techniques that you just don’t have the dexterity or eyes to figure out just yet. Em did casting on for me for my first few projects, troubleshot my weird errors...

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Spaceballs Prom Queen

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I tend to have a lot of projects going on at once. Two of my other fibercraft friends had a joking discussion about which one of them won the “spaceball tiara” for number of works-in-progress currently active; they both blew me out of the water, but then they’ve been doing this for a decade or two longer than I have. I’m still doing pretty ‘good’ (depending on your definition) at multitasking. Let’s assess: Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)? there’s the present featured yesterday, plus four other presents still on needles (with, technically, two+ presents still in the planning stages) one Etsy store project on needles, and another in the queue one gift commission sweater on needles,...

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On the Needles

Today’s question for the 30 Days of Knitting writing challenge made me grin – because the question of “what is currently on your needles?” is always a little inherently amusing to me. I am, in fact, one of those knitters… the one who keeps thinking of something else to cast on, the one who bounces between projects, the one who literally goes out to pick up more needles because the two pairs I have in that size already have projects on them but I need to start this idea right now. Since later questions in the challenge ask about my “other WIPs,” though, we’ll focus on what I’ve been knitting most recently. (Well, when I say focus…) C’mon. Did you really think I’d let you get...

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Holidays, Challenges, Writing, and Reminiscing

Hello all! It’s been a while since you’ve seen us here – between a lot of increased store activity (thank you!) and the abundance of Christmas knitting to do, Em and I have had our hands full of projects. And we can’t even post pictures of most of them without ruining the surprise, which just won’t do. Since I’d like to keep writing about knitting, though, for this month, we’re going to experiment with a Writing Challenge! These questions were hosted by one of my favorite knitting blogs in the world, knitblr. Either Em, I, or both of us will check in once a day for the next thirty days and answer this day’s question about the knitting life. So, to begin! Day One: What...

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