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Spaceballs Prom Queen

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I tend to have a lot of projects going on at once. Two of my other fibercraft friends had a joking discussion about which one of them won the “spaceball tiara” for number of works-in-progress currently active; they both blew me out of the water, but then they’ve been doing this for a decade or two longer than I have. I’m still doing pretty ‘good’ (depending on your definition) at multitasking. Let’s assess:

Do you have any other WIPs (works in progress)?

  • there’s the present featured yesterday, plus four other presents still on needles (with, technically, two+ presents still in the planning stages)
  • one Etsy store project on needles, and another in the queue
  • one gift commission sweater on needles, and another in the queue
  • a half-finished purse
  • something that was going to be a Christmas present before I realized it was far more complex than was reasonable and has thus been set aside until January
  • the Duskwings and Frog Pond Melody shawls, also hibernating through the first half of winter
  • yarn arriving soon to match the sketches and notes for my wife’s birthday present this year
  • and measurements ready for me to tackle the knitter’s classic Operation Sock Drawer whenever I need small things to bust out between all the rest of this

Needless to say, I don’t think I’m running out of things to knit (or write about) any time soon!


No, I don’t need to go cast on one of those sock ideas… oh, maybe just for a minute.