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Pet the Yarn

If you’ve been to our home in the past year or so, you’d know: we really love our yarn here. Em invested in a gigantic set of solid-pine cubbyhole shelving units for the yarn stash at the beginning of last year, and we keep the cubby baskets overflowing. We inherited a lot of yarn from our wonderful mother’s stash she kept for kindergarten crafts – even the older, sometimes a bit loveworn, harsher acrylic blends make awesome pattern-test yarn and an endless supply of provisional cast-ons, thumbhole-holding-stitches, and knitted kitty toys. We also have gotten a lot of yarn as gifts (me on Christmas was a sight to behold, arms overflowing with skeins and pattern books), and of course we keep our eyes peeled for good sales. My personal indulgence this winter sale was to order my first skeins of 100% alpaca yarn, and I’m excited to see how it works up.

If you absolutely must ask what fiber or yarn do you love working with? for today’s challenge question though, I do have one fairly obvious answer. Over the lifespan of our Etsy shop and custom commissions, it’s become pretty clear that I have a blossoming love affair for Cascade Pacific.

It’s turned into my go-to worsted weight yarn for any project, partly because it’s just such a delight to work with – incredibly soft, and available in a stunningly gorgeous range of colors. I’m enjoying collecting up a small rainbow of colors in our store-yarn stash as I finish off lace bags for everyone, and I’m planning on releasing more designs featuring this yarn in the next few months. It’s soft, it’s warm, it’s relatively easy to care for while still retaining some of the amazing features of fine merino wool. In short, while I adore collecting all kinds of yarn and will probably never stop, Pacific is shaping up to be an enduring favorite.