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On the Needles

Today’s question for the 30 Days of Knitting writing challenge made me grin – because the question of “what is currently on your needles?” is always a little inherently amusing to me. I am, in fact, one of those knitters… the one who keeps thinking of something else to cast on, the one who bounces between projects, the one who literally goes out to pick up more needles because the two pairs I have in that size already have projects on them but I need to start this idea right now.

Since later questions in the challenge ask about my “other WIPs,” though, we’ll focus on what I’ve been knitting most recently.

(Well, when I say focus…)

C’mon. Did you really think I’d let you get a good look at your present? No way!

Without giving too many sneak peeks to whichever of my beloved readers I’m making this particular project for, I can say that this one’s going fairly well after a rocky start. I had to scrap the original idea I’d had in mind for this giftee because, as it turned out, the yarn I’d bought (Lion Brand Homespun, a perennial favorite) didn’t show the definition of the complex rosette stitch well. The wiggly, irregular spin does show regular stitch patterns with surprising clarity, but I have learned now that more angular shapes get a bit too lost for my taste. So, after some frustration, tears, cursing, and a dive through Ravelry, I found a secondary pattern that makes my heart happy… and also, hopefully, the recipient.

Favorite needles and favorite yarn makes for very enjoyable knitting.

I planned for most of my gifts this year to be done in bulky or heavier yarn – partially because that weight does make some truly cosy winter knits, but also because it knits up delightfully fast, especially on larger needles. Some people look at US size 11 as if it’s huge, but one whole scarf was my first project done on size 19, so these needles feel comparatively tiny in my hands. Swapping back to delicate fingering-weight lace once the holiday rush is past will certainly feel strange!

Whatever I’m knitting right now, though, it’s an excellent feeling to know that these projects will (if all goes well) make people warm and happy. As much of an unexpected stress as Christmas knitting has been (I tried to plan ahead, I swear!), I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Guess even with the bustle, this season will always find a way to make me smile.