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How Time Flies (and Also Needles)

How long did it take from the time you learned how to knit to finish your first project?

Well, since Em talked me into making just a simple bracelet, it only took me a few hours from casting on to bind off and seam the simple strip of garter-stitch fabric. I also experimented with a couple of mug cozies and headbands of rather similar design (strips of varying ribbed fabrics, held together around a mug with simple threaded ribbon ties or seamed with basic sewing skills) before I embarked on what I’d call my first real project.

I feel like doing a bunch of small projects first definitely helped me gain confidence in the basics; if I’d jumped straight to a scarf (or two, or the two hats after that, or the shawl after that) I might’ve gotten bored, frustrated, or just burned-out before I really fell in love with knitting. Instead, I have a small collection of adorably weird strips of yarn to remind me of when making sure I remembered how a knit stitch worked was the biggest of my technical concerns.