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Holidays, Challenges, Writing, and Reminiscing

Hello all! It’s been a while since you’ve seen us here – between a lot of increased store activity (thank you!) and the abundance of Christmas knitting to do, Em and I have had our hands full of projects. And we can’t even post pictures of most of them without ruining the surprise, which just won’t do.

Since I’d like to keep writing about knitting, though, for this month, we’re going to experiment with a Writing Challenge! These questions were hosted by one of my favorite knitting blogs in the world, knitblr. Either Em, I, or both of us will check in once a day for the next thirty days and answer this day’s question about the knitting life.

So, to begin!

Day One: What was your first finished project?

I’ve written about that here before, tangentially – I quickly knitted up a bracelet out of memorial yarn and a spare button I had around. Em, as it turns out, had the same first project; when I asked her, she told me this college story.

Her RAs had been trying to do a typical group-bonding craft night, and they herded Em and her floormates into a lounge with big skeins of Red Heart Super Saver and a bunch of crochet hooks. Em was, apparently, supposed to make a scarf with this – but, as any beginning knitter or crocheter knows, scarves take a lot longer than you think they will when you’re still just getting used to working with yarn. Em gave up pretty quickly on achieving scarf mastery, and instead finished off a neat little yarn bracelet. Not too much later, Em’s roommate gifted her with yarn and knitting needles in a well-meaning Christmas present and, well, the rest is history.

Fiyero’s first and only project – supervising yarn management.

Regardless of where we started, we’re both incredibly grateful to have the skills we have now. Above and beyond all the other benefits of knitting – which we have discussed before and will probably discuss again, knowing us – we’re staying incredibly cozy this winter, between hats and socks and our very first attempts at sweaters. We hope you are all staying warm and cozy too, and that your own crazy lead-up to whichever holidays you celebrate goes with at least a little bit of peace, love, and creativity.

Here’s to December!