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Gratitude and #SmallBusinessSaturday

Happy Holidays, one and all! We’ve been gearing up for the season for a while here at the Cozy Hearth, making sure that our customers, friends, and family stay warm this winter. We wanted to take some time on this year’s Small Business Saturday to celebrate small businesses in general (on our Twitter feed), and to be thankful for everything that makes our little knit-business run.

Our shop cats, of course, are always eager to help. They also make dashing, charismatic models for store photography, when they feel like cooperating. Which is, in true cat fashion, only sometimes.
Isaac and Fiyero both like to keep a close watch on all fibercraft proceedings.
Our suppliers make the things we need to make more things! While we do some online shopping for specific fiber or color needs, we’ve been transitioning more and more to purchasing our yarn from our local yarn store, Yarn Stories. Besides supplying yarn, the owner Lauren also supplies advice, cheerleading, and the most excellent back room for social knitting available.
They also have Facebook!
Last but far from least, we need to thank Kai. My wife, Em’s sister-in-law, and the biggest supporter ever for Cozy Hearth Yarn Works. She’s provided a lot of startup funding, but more than that, she is our constant encouragement and biggest fan. Kai is our first choice for project critique, our favorite recipient of prototype knits, and our go-to consolation when things don’t go the way we dreamed. We literally wouldn’t exist without her encouragement. Thank you, Kai, for everything.
We sincerely hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and offer best wishes for your winter holidays to come!