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FO Friday: Tiny Bags Project Update

Hey everyone! I’m here with an update on that project I mentioned back in my very first post. This Friday, I have two finished objects to show off: one small lace bag, and my very first attempt at using cabling techniques.

Both of these projects were knitted off designs by Sophia White, from her Knitting Under the Greenwood Tree series. I was first drawn to the designs because I am, in fact, a giant nerd, and knitting patterns named after characters from J.R. R. Tolkien’s works fills me with fantastical glee. So far, I’ve knitted up the Arwen and Samwise patterns, and I’ll keep going through the list as I have time and inclination for tiny fiddly projects.

The Arwen bag is the first one I finished. I chose a very dark blue colorway of Caron Simply Soft because it made me think of the character; if I re-knit this design, I will either choose something lighter colored or something made of animal fibers that can be more easily blocked, as the result is slightly rumpled, and it’s difficult to discern the pattern details. Still, it was a very fun knit, and I’d love to troubleshoot more changes with it.

This example is holding a standard sized deck of tarot cards, with room for a reading cloth and/or instruction booklet.

My second project from Sophia’s designs was the Samwise bag. This time, I chose to use up leftovers of an Impeccable ombre colorway named Fresh Lilac. Gambling yet again with a type of yarn not typically recommended for small detail work paid off this time – with such a small circumference, the colors formed striking spirals down the sides of the bag, and only emphasized the earthy, gardening nature of the titular character. The entire body of the bag is made of tightly packed micro-cables, which was an entirely new experience for me. My conclusion is that while I might play with cabling very occasionally, the technique and tension needed isn’t my ideal knitting experience… but I’m still very delighted with this finished product, which fits my mini palm-sized tarot deck perfectly.

Peekaboo sun and colorful swirls make this project feel extra carefree and cheerful.

Overall, I’m learning a lot with this project, and it’s good to have tiny knits that can be stuffed in a purse or worked on in spare moments. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted as I continue making scraps of lace (and cables, and maybe some colorwork…)


My hand provided for scale is also providing a sneak peek at a finished glove from Em’s earlier WIP post!