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FO Friday: Baby Avocado Complete!

The time has finally come! Just as the chilly days have settled in here for good, I finished up the last stitches of my very first sweater, for my very favorite tiny man. This little pumpkin is my best friend’s son, and he is one of the most avid adorers of hand knitted-crafts; every time either I or one of his mothers finishes an item for him, we are guaranteed some delighted squeals and not to get the item back for a good long while.

Being held is better than being on the ground! 

I knit this to the 1-2 year old size measurements provided in the Flax sweater pattern; the little pumpkin is a smallish 15 months, so he’s definitely got plenty of room to grow into it and layer it over shirts this fall and winter. Personally, I think he looks stylish as he is. He’s rocking the oversized-sweater-and-leggings fall selfie look.

He can’t hear your fashion advice over the sound of how comfy and cute he is.

I learned a lot knitting this sweater. For all that the Flax pattern is beautifully simple and has excellent attached instructions, I still hadn’t ever knitted a full garment before. I stuck more-or-less to pattern for this first attempt, with the minor addition of learning a new cast-on and bind off for the best stretchiness for a growing, grabbing, exploring boy. I’m already brainstorming lots of ideas for future sweaters, and I’ve been reading The Knowledgeable Knitter by Margaret Radcliffe for a better understanding of the choices I’ve got for my next design. (It’s an excellent book; I highly recommend checking it out!)

It’s a beautiful day to be a baby avocado!

I’ve actually already got another Flax-pattern sweater on needles for another friend’s daughter – this time, with a small lace addition. But I’ve got some ideas for a shaped sweater for my wife, maybe some colorwork stripes on another gift sweater, and of course the little pumpkin’s dad still needs his matching avocado-colored sweater to complete the set…

…better stop writing and start knitting!


Maybe baby cuddles first :)