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Financial Accessibility & Sticking Together

Hello, fiber friends. From the bottoms of our hearts, we hope you’re all doing well, but we also know that’s a really big ask right now. We’re safe at home, well stocked, and our state is under a stay-at-home order. We’re also incredibly lucky that our household’s primary income is stable, as we have so many friends and loved ones who’ve suffered sudden and severe economic hardship due to necessary social distancing and quarantine measures.

The fiber community has been hit hard, with major festivals and other in-person events cancelled. For many fiber artists, their business is in fact their primary income. Large events can comprise a major part of an artist’s income for a year. If you, too, are lucky enough to be financially stable and in need of some crafting comfort, you can find well-curated lists of artists who really need your support at this Instagram account and on this blog post. You can also check out the website or social media account of any festival you’d been intending to attend! Their vendor lists should still be accessible, and you can still do some online shopping.

However, we also know many of you are not doing so well. Financial stress, health-related fear, grief, and trauma all make me turn to my yarn… but if you’re cut off from your healthy coping mechanism (or desperately looking for a new one) due to financial reasons, we want to help. We’d been discussing making financial accessibility in our business more explicit and broad for some time, but now more than ever, we want to make a really clear commitment to our community. So, we’re introducing two new programs!

First, from now going forward, all of our yarn will permanently be available under our Pay What You Can program. This program is honor system only – choose the payment tier you can afford, no questions asked. Paying more or full price does help us as artists, and while this business isn’t our primary income, our secondary incomes are both impacted by the current economic state. But we know what it’s like to not be able to afford comforting or beautiful things, the roses to go with our bread. We can now afford to make it easier. To purchase your yarn at a discount, just use one of the following codes at checkout:

COZY10 for 10% off any yarn purchase

COZY25 for 25% off any yarn purchase

COZY40 for 40% off any yarn purchase


Second, we know even this isn’t accessible for some people. Also, as much as crafting is therapy for so many of us, dye work in particular is therapy for me! So, in an extremely limited quantity, we’re offering free skeins of one-of-a-kind colorways. If you can’t afford ANYTHING but still desperately need yarn, reach out to us. We won’t ask questions, we’ll just ship you a single skein of unique yarn. This will be first come, first served; right now we have eight skeins available, although we’ll likely have more come available through this week. If you can cover shipping, that would certainly be appreciated, but isn’t required for you to participate in this program. Visit our contact page and choose one of the available channels to inquire about currently available skeins.

These programs are new, and we’ll be working the bugs out as we go, so please be patient with us. And please take care of yourselves and each other! Now more than ever, we need to stick together in spirit while we can’t in person. May all the peace and love you can find comfort you.


Kit & Em