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Favorite Creations

Well, it has been a while! Sorry for disappearing for a bit there – the holiday craziness set in hard around here, and between car troubles, yarn shipment troubles, and weather troubles, writing had to take a backseat to making sure life kept trucking. I’m back to finish out the knit-blogging challenge, though, and I’m going to pick up where we left off with the next question: what is your favorite piece that you’ve knit?

That is a really hard question for me to answer, as I like a lot of the things I’ve made. There’s a few duds, and honestly the projects I’m most excited about right now are mostly still works in progress and/or those delightfully secret holiday gifts. In terms of finished works, though… I have to declare a tie.

The Baby Avocado sweater fills me with glee every time I see the product photos. It also fills the little pumpkin with glee – he likes to hold the bottom hem out from his body to admire it and giggle every time I’ve seen him in it. But the finished project still in my possession that I wear the most and adore the most is probably the shawl I named Brigid’s Arms.

Me modeling the newly finished shawl, sometime March 2016.

It’s an incredibly simple pattern, one I’d knit once before and have made again one and a half times since then (and one that we knit for sale in our Etsy shop!), but it’s very soothing to knit, and the finished shawl is just… perfect for me. I resized this particular piece to fit my narrow, sloped shoulders comfortably, and I adore how the gentle color shifts played out over the body of the shawl. It’s the first large project I finished solely for myself, and even though I’m making much more complex knits now, this one will always hold a special place in my heart.