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Today’s question is another surprisingly difficult one: what about my least favorite knitting project?

I tend not to finish knitting projects that are making me truly upset. If I’m not enjoying it even a little bit, even in the “this is a challenge” kind of way, it’s really not worth knitting. I’ve abandoned a lot of truly weird projects, most of which I don’t have any photographs for: an insanely high-tension Scottish terrier amigirumi (tiny knit stuffed animal), a poorly-designed mug cozy, a lace vest I set down to “figure out later” and (spoiler alert) never went back to figure out. In terms of finished projects, there are the million and one incorrect attempts at the Perfect Hat, the socks where I misread a section of the pattern, the collaborative sweater vest I made with Em where my colorwork is crooked and the overall sizing is, um, on the large side.

The amigirumi was definitely the most painful knitting project I’d ever attempted, but looking at my list of projects on Ravelry, the project I genuinely like the least was this ill-fated attempt at a baby poncho. I foolishly decided to just throw together a mix of yarns that really didn’t work well for the design. Then, when I sat down to knit, the pattern was almost incomprehensible – I ended up recruiting Em’s help “translating” the pattern into a readable set of instructions. As I knit, I found myself highly skeptical – was this fabric really even wearable? It was far too stiff and rough, not baby-friendly at all. When even the translated instructions came out crooked and I was struggling to figure out how to juggle the scraps of different colorways of yarn to cover the full length of the poncho, I abandoned it. Maybe someday I’ll go back, armed with better yarns and a thrice-proofread pattern, but not today. Today I have the last dash of Christmas knits to do, and a years-end inventory to plan.